The Levenfiche Foundation is delighted to offer a fantastic free service
  A fully funded day out for needy and deserving children and adults:

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  What is the ?

The is a new 17 seater mini bus fully equipped with individual seat belts for safety, a wheel chair ramp for access and a DVD and stereo system for the guest's entertainment. There is even a bubble machine on the roof to add to the pizzazz of the outings.


  Who is it available to ?

Very Simple - Any worthy cause. Priority will be given to the more needy and less fortunate

  How is it available ?

The is available Monday to Friday within the M25 and its borders, complete with a qualified driver and assistant (who all have CRB certificates) and the bus, of course, is fully insured.

All you have to do is organise the children / adults together with a relevant number of carers, choose a venue within the M25 or its borders and relax in the thought that the guests and carers are going to have a great time and take home lovely memories.

  What is a Fun Day ?

A fun day is a fully funded day out to an entertainment venue of your choice including the transportation by the Weekends are not available.

 How much will it cost ?

Nothing. Yes. Nothing. The cost of transporting the kids, entrance to the venue and ALL associated costs will be borne by The Levenfiche Foundation....right down to the candy floss if the children are allowed !!!!!!

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PLEASE NOTE. All images shown are with the consent of the parties involved. Please let us know on the day if you would rather not have your pictures displayed in total or by individual.


   Next Step ?

For further information or to reserve a day out please contact us on


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